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Adam Hartman on the 2nd ascent of Consigned to Oblivion
Adam Hartman on the 2nd ascent of Consigned to Oblivion.


Adam “h-money” Hartman


32 I think? I often forget my birthday


Lancaster, PA


Met my awesome wife when we were in high school. She also enjoys bouldering, which is phenomenal. I also have two little girls, 2 year old and 4 month old. They also enjoy bouldering which is even more phenomenal. 

How would you describe your climbing style?

I like discovering micro-beta. Tiny footholds are my specialty. It’s sort of like searching for a splitting atom thru a microscope.

Years bouldering in Pennsylvania?

One of my best friends took me to Climbnasium when we were in college for my first time bouldering. So about 13 years. I owe it to ‘nasium for getting me hooked I suppose. 

Using one word, how would you describe Pennsylvania bouldering?

Elaborate, extravagant, heroic, flamboyant, ornate, grandiloquent.. any of those will work. 

Top five Pennsylvania bouldering areas?

Pennsylvania is an area, right? Let’s just leave it at that. 

Top five Pennsylvania boulder problems?

  • Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder (the newest addition to GS, FA – yours truly.) Have to give credit for the name to my right hand man, @thehomiedbick
  • Consigned To Oblivion (unfortunately or fortunately, not named by me. The mystery and intrigue of where this name came from will forever be in my dreams)
  • Kinesthetic Awareness, aka K-Awareness, aka KA. (Went out to Hunters one day, ran into a gentleman who eventually told me a story about an amazing roof at my local bouldering spot. He went on to describe the entire problem in great detail to me. He would tell me it took him 3 months to figure out how to pull off the ground. He ran out to this line every other day for an entire season trying to get the first ascent. The race was on once more climbers found out about this sick roof project. He never told me if he got it or not. I immediately went searching for this crazy roof line the next time I was home. Later in life, I would realize this would be the one and only time I would meet Joel Torretti. An iconic PA climber and an iconic PA climb. From the moment I first heard this genius name for a problem, I knew it could not be topped.)
  • Stool Sample (Fern Gully classic with a difficult move at the end that makes you feel like might to poop your pants. Debatable FA history to it as well)
  • ? (I ran out, I only know 4 problems in PA?)

Favorite Pennsylvania stone type?

Diabase, duh. We the only ones that got it! (We’re coming to get the rest of our boulders back soon New Jersey…)

Favorite month to boulder in Pennsylvania?

Mid-December (38 deg, sunny, 5 mph wind, 25% humidity)

Why do you enjoy Pennsylvania bouldering? What sets Pennsylvania bouldering apart from some other areas?

I enjoy it because it’s home and my family is here. For the most part, the areas I’ve visited across the country have something cool about them, which is nice. Some are way better than others but I think in any case, I would always say my home crag was the best, no matter what state it was. I’m not saying PA is better or worse than any other state, but this where I grew up and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. Everyone else can keep moving out West, I got plenty of projects here to keep me psyched for a long ass time. 

Willing to share one memorable Pennsylvania bouldering experience that embodies “community”?

I woke up one day and decided I needed to do something more meaningful and helpful since I never had before. I decided to organize a comp at Governor Dick Park. The same year I was working on this, I found out Governor Stables was opening back up. I got taken in as one of the FroGS and started volunteering. I have since met many other amazing volunteers and helpful, kind, sharing people. Those early days made for some pretty good memories and created a lot more friendships and memories that still continue to this day. 

Extracurriculars? Accolades?

  1. Vice-prez for South Central PA Climbers (most proud)
  2. AAC Central PA Chapter chair (most underrated)
  3. Bouldering Coordinator for Governor Dick Park and event organizer (most exhausting)
  4. Guidebook author for Governor Dick (most famous) 🤩
  5. Route-setter for Spooky Nook Sports (most inactive)
  6. Loves to climb on a rope (most untruthful)