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Years bouldering in Pennsylvania (PA)?


Using one word, how would you describe PA bouldering?


Top five PA bouldering areas?

  • Susq River
  • WPA
  • Hunters
  • Gretna
  • Haycock

Top five PA boulder problems? 

Impossible to pick top five, so many good ones, lol. Random and in no order:

  • Kiss
  • Islander
  • Squeak
  • Fuck Boi
  • Hunger Artist

Favorite PA stone type? Why?

All of it (diabase, sandstone, gritstone, schist, quartzite, conglomerate, and prob others I am missing). Such diversity and pure awesomeness.

Favorite month to boulder in PA?

All of them, four seasons in this state.

Why do you enjoy PA bouldering? What sets PA bouldering apart from some other areas?


PA has so much rock spread thoughout the state, and so many types. This really helps with the crowds, so many spots to just get away and hang with friends. 

Willing to share one memorable bouldering experience that embodies “community”?

It seems to me bouldering in general embodies community, not really into bouldering alone. Climbing has brought some of the best people into my life.
It has been really cool watching the Mt. Gretna community grow. I remember when it was hard to get people out there, amazing what it has become.