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Max at Haycock. Photo by Tony Herr.
Max at Haycock, Pennsylvania. Photo by Tony Herr.

Maxwell Hugh Snyder


Years bouldering in Pennsylvania (PA)?

Using one word, how would you describe PA bouldering?

Top five PA bouldering areas?
Governor Stable
Emmaus Boulders

Top five PA boulder problems?
Fluffy Little Clouds
Rocking Chair Direct
Joe’s Arete

Top five PA boulder problem names, yours or not, and why?
I don’t connect too often with names of climbs, but If I had to pick I’d choose The Kind That Go Ding, because you need Chars brass balls to send it; Yosemite Crack, because it’s such a beautiful climb, it looks like it was plucked from the valley; Pele, all the swinging around and foot stabs make you feel like the footballer; More Pleasure Than Pain, you better enjoy this one to the summit, cause your going to have a really bad time if you fall; The Iron Lion, it’s a really proud line, and once you tame it you see that it’s not that fierce.

Favorite PA stone type? Why?
Diabase for sure. Even the really thuggy lines require some sort of precision and technical prowess.

Favorite month to boulder in PA?
December or January, I run hot so I can handle the cold pretty well, and that’s when it’s most likely to be really dry out too. Plus if its snows and it’s still below freezing, the snow can be brushed off like it was never there. It’s also really hard to find a belayer in the winter.

Why do you enjoy PA bouldering? What sets PA bouldering apart from some other areas?
I think PA bouldering has a certain learning curve to it. You have to be willing to leave the ego behind most of the time, especially on diabase. It can be a little unforgiving, but that just makes sending that much more gratifying.

Willing to share one memorable bouldering experience that embodies “community”?
There are just too many to count, it’s always such a good feeling to roll out in questionable conditions to a spot thinking your going to be doing a solo circuit and running into the usual baseslappers, who’d rather take their chances with wet rock, a lot of falling, and a great day than spend the weekend inside pulling plastic.