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Ryan Shipp at Mount Gretna.
Ryan Shipp at Mount Gretna.


Ryan Shipp



Years bouldering in Pennsylvania (PA)?


Using one word, how would you describe PA bouldering? 

(So many types of stone, styles of climbing, and different atmospheres to enjoy climbing in.)

Top five PA bouldering areas?

  • Elk
  • Governor Stables
  • Gretna
  • Whiskey
  • All the sandstone in Western PA that I have yet to explore .)

Top five PA boulder problems? 

  • Tetragammaton (Elk)
  • Cobra (GS)
  • Chickenhawk (Gretna)
  • Ten High (Whiskey)
  • Iron Lion (Haycock)

Top five PA boulder problem names, yours or not, and why? 

  • Legal Beverages (Elk): because of all the local bars/hotels advertising that they have “legal beverages”.
  • Endangered Species (Elk): due to all of the development occurring in our sport which makes classic FA’s a little harder to come by.
  • Two Step (GS): Once you try the move, you’ll understand the name. 
  • Changing Coronors (Whiskey): A reference to the classic Nose pitch called Changing Corners, only this is a lowball boulder (haha). If the landing isn’t built up with logs, you’ll backslap into a pit if you come off the crux moves.
  • Silverback (Green Lane): Named after the first ascensionist (Char Fetterolf). 

Favorite PA stone type? Why?

If I had to choose, Sandstone. When the sandstone gets bullet hard and clean with subtle features, it’s just so good.

Favorite month to boulder in PA?


Why do you enjoy PA bouldering? What sets PA bouldering apart from some other areas?

First, it’s the amazing growing community that we have PA. We just have great people out at our crags and boulders. Second, the variety of stone makes it fun to mix it up and push our skills to the next level. 

Willing to share one memorable bouldering experience that embodies “community”?

 I found rock climbing when I was 21 and it changed my life. One of the first areas I explored was Governor Stable. I went out there with so much psyche to climb, but had little concern about what went into keeping access to the place. As I learned more about the area, I gained a huge appreciation for the efforts from guys like Randy LaForce, Patrick Andrews, David Cooper, and Rick Donnelly to name a few. These guys not only brought the community together for a really fun event, they also started a friendship with the landowners to open these amazing boulders for the public. That’s community and that’s why I started to get more involved.

A little on the South Central Pennsylvania Climbers (SCPC)

In just 3 years, we’ve grown from 2 volunteer Board Members and 2 climbing areas to…3 volunteer Board Members, 8 volunteer Ambassadors, and we help protect 8 climbing areas. We host competitions, pint nights, gym to crags, adopt a crags, build kiosks, raise funds for preservation, raise funds for anchor replacements, and help promote awareness about our local climbing areas. 

To learn more about SCPC, sign up for their mailing list, or to donate (they are a non-profit and your donation is tax deductible) please head to their website below.